Dance Classes in Chelmsford, Essex

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Argentine Tango in Chelmsford, Essex

Learn the original style of Tango known as Tango Orillero
Also taught is Milonga and Tango Vals
Suitable for any one even if you have never danced before

Class including instruction and practice
Thursdays from 8 till 10
Admission 5

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Experience the sensuality and passion of the tantalising Argentine Tango
More than just dancing you will learn a whole new language and enjoy the
hypnotic rhythms and liberating moves of the dance at Tango a Media Luz

Tango Orillero
This is the authentic and original style of Tango that started in the back street bars and cafes
of the Orillas (back streets of Buenos Aires)
Tango begins with an embrace as the dancers face fate on the dance floor
The couple weave intricate figures around each other as they step between each others feet
and legs entwine to perform some of the most sensuous moves

Tango de Salon
As the Tango migrated from the Orillas to the Salons (ballrooms) of the high class centre of
Buenos Aires the dance took on a more formal and sophisticated feel incorporating walks
to make the dance progress around the room

Tango Vals
A charming variant of Tango in which the steps are danced to the rhythm of the Viennese Waltz

Show Tango/Tango Fantasia
This style blends both Tango Orillero and the Tango de Salon in a fantasy of Tango choreographed
for the extremely popular Tango shows touring the world

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